Holidays break in Racha 

Welcome to the place where you can relax with a glass of local wine after a long journey.  Sleep, listening to the sounds of the silence. Rest in the hammock, watching the snow-capped peaks. Walk to the canyon. Swim in a bath with mineral waters. Play snowballs on the glacier on hot summer days. Drink water from the Mountain Lake. Go down to the Cave. Explore the Milky Way after the sunset. Listen a-Capella. Share a meal with a local family. 


Enjoy a combination of wild nature, fresh air, and endless walking routes away from crowds. Scroll down for the list of impressions . Make your new day with colors of Racha!

Impression 1 - Ghebi-Chiora-Shovi NO TEX

1. Legends and modern life of High mountains villages (Chiora, Ghebi, Gona).
2. Mineral springs Shovi. Pre-war spa resorts architecture

Impression  # 1

Impression 2 - Waterfalls - Degustation

1. Walk along the canyon through the cascade of waterfalls.

2. Winemaking in Racha.    Local Trio: Khvanchkara, Tetra,

Impression  # 2

Impression 3 - Museum - Barakoni - Sori

Racha - a crossroad of religions and trade routes. Egyptian necklaces and bronze ornaments in the Museum. Synagogue build in 1912 and withstood an earthquake. Church of Our Lady of Barakoni

Impression  # 3

1. Hydrogen sulfide waterfalls.
2. Mountain village with
views of the Great Ridge
3. Geyser with healing water.
4. City beach: swimming in a mountain river

Impression  # 4

Impression 5 - Orba EN NO TEXT.jpg

Mount Orba. In ancient times, Queen Tamar built a fortress on the mountain. The stones for the walls were passed along a chain from hand to hand, from the Rioni River - to the very top, to a height of 2200 meters

Impression  # 5

Glaciers are the main sources of drinking water. Their lower boundary ("tongue") melts and rises higher every year, exposing stones. Hike to the glaciers is one of the most amazing adventures of the Rachan holidays

Impression  # 6

Impression 7 - Lake EN NO TEXT.jpg

A hike to a mountain lake at an altitude of about 3,000 m above sea level is one of the most beautiful routes in     Georgia. Breathtaking views. Wild berries. Playing snowballs in hot summer days.        Swimming in the lake.

Impression  # 7

A magical mix of voices and music. Foods and drinks. Joy, love and unity around the   festive table. All this is called "Rachan hospitality"

Impression  # 8

Impression 9 - Local walks EN NO

Walks around the Campground. Canyon. Waterfalls. Thickets of ferns. Baths with mineral water. Healing Clay. Abandoned village. Searching the footsteps of Queen Tamar and, Argonauts

Impression  # 9

There is an underground kingdom in Racha, with entrance hidden between mountains. The kingdom is not as gloomy as Hades, because there is an exit from there.

Nearby—the Queen Tamar rock, with spectacular view of the valley for hundred miles away

Impression  #10