Entry rules to Georgia ( COVID-specific checklist )

1. Before (no date specified) arriving to Georgia, you need to fill out an electronic form ( the link is below). As a result, you should receive a confirmation mail ✅. This mail is generated automatically.

2. Who is allowed to enter
2.1  Any persons (regardless of citizenship) who have undergone full vaccination ✅ against COVID (2 vaccines) are allowed to entry the countey. It is necessary to present proof of vaccination. It  should be a paper form of the document ( or a notarized copy),in English or Georgian  languages. 

2.2. Having a negative PRC test ✅
- The result of the PCR test must be submitted no later than 72 hours before crossing the border with Georgia
- the test result must be in paper form in English. If in any other language, then a notarized translation is required.

3. After arrival to Georgia
For those who enter according to the test ( see 2.2.) . On the third day after arrival, you need to pass a second PCR test ✅. The result will be sent to the e-mail address iyou indicated in the completed application form (see #1). The upto date official list of laboratories could found using a link below or, i
ts shortened version is in the pdf-attachment [RU]

The test is necessary for everyone, regardless of age. There is no need to register result  anywhere a but you should have it with you before leaving. Fine for not completing the test - 2000 GEL (equivalent of $ 600)