Stay in nature, with no people around. Listen to the sound of the river and bird songs. Watch the mountains in front of your eyes. When the sun sets, sit next to the fire, explore the Milky Way and the constellations of the stars

Family Cabin

Main camping features: 
What is also on the campground: 
What is nearby: 

Three different types of accommodation:

- 1 family cabin ( 18 sqm ) - x 4 people; 

-  4 small rooms ( 6 sqm) - x 2 people;

- 4 places for tents.

- drinking water flows directly from the glacier; 

- eco-toilet and shower; 

- kitchen; 

- hammocks;

- fireplace. 

- waterfalls and canyon; 

- ghost village ; 

- healthy mud; 

- wild fruits and berries;  

- mineral waters;

- route to Orba mountain ( 2200 m )

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