Following Queen Tamar Steps

Under Tamar’s rule, Georgia’ went to the Golden Age as well as successfully defended itself against its enemies. According to the legend, her horse left its footprint just nearby campsite!  

Secrets of the River

Rachan villagers used sheepskin to capture gold from mountain streams in the area. Gold flakes became ingrained on the fleeces, which scientists believe led to the rise of the myth surrounding the Golden Fleece.

Scientists say that modern day Argonauts may even still be able to find Golden Fleeces of their own today as locals continue the tradition

A quest for the Gold Fleece

In order to get the Golden Fleece, Jason went thorough few dangerous adventures. One ot them was to yoke two bulls with bronze feet and flaming breath, to plow a field with them, then seed dragon teeth, which had to spring up into a crop of armed men. 


GEL 350

per group

Group size: up to 15 persons

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